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I am a LGBTQ+ journalist based out of the Des Moines metropolitan in Iowa. I have experience in reporting, photography, social media influencing, and broadcast. I most recently served as a Digital Food Publishing Intern with Zestful Kitchen LLC. I have previously worked as a diversity and inclusion reporter for the Iowa State Daily, a lifestyle reporter with TREND Magazine, staff reporter and photographer with Ethos Magazine, test kitchen curator and photographer with Cardinal Eats Magazine. I have also worked as an anchor for the Greenlee School TV (GSTV) formerly known as ISUTv and produce freelance work. I am passionate about not only informing the public of pertinent news, but also making a lasting impact on the world. 

Through my various extracurricular enrollments, I have gained an immense understanding of the journalism and communications industry and am looking forward to putting my knowledge to good use at your organization.


I am currently seeking an internship or full-time position post-graduate.

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